How to survive in difficult financial times: thoughts and practical tips

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No doubt that the topic of financial difficulties is quite relevant for everyone, especially in the light of the recent crisis. According to OneWord, for young families the topic of finance is vitally important since families with experience already have some recipes of going through lack of money, have an algorithm of actions, and have financial wisdom, finally. And what should young families do when financial difficulties arise when simply lack of money happens.

Financial difficulties in various families  

Psychologists say that the desires of people of different ages differ. Probably by force. A small child wants something much stronger than a 25-year-old, who, in turn, is wants something stronger than a 45-year-old person. And this “I want it!” is the cornerstone of the main problem.

Young people are not inclined to save on their desires and often misallocate the family budget. Many conflicts “grow” from this, and if there is also a crisis, job loss, loans! That’s not far from a divorce, because it is not in vain, according to statistics, in times of crisis, the number of divorces increases.

I see the solution to the problem in such a psychological technique as “narrowing the perception area.” Its essence is to perceive the situation on the basis of this moment, and this means:

  • plan nothing further than a month
  • solve the problem as they become available. For example, this month you need to pay £200 loan, think about it, and not that it remains to give another £2000
  • think about what you already have, and not about what you can’t afford
  • do not “irritate the eyes”, forget about boutiques, jewelry stores, online stores, etc. for a while. Do not go even to “just look”!
  • it’s a good time to more be in nature, on a walk, in a park, outside the city in the company of a spouse. It brings together this time. Besides, it’s good for health
  • find yourself a low-cost hobby. Who knows, maybe this will grow into a sense of your whole life and a source of enrichment
  • celebrate even the smallest positive shift.

Bad times go away. Always!

Perhaps you yourself have repeatedly noticed that when serious financial difficulties arise, we experience confusion and some kind of doom. Emotions are unstable, thoughts run back and forth, and it tempts to quarrel with someone. Financial difficulties are very hard to overcome mentally. If you have a good friend, your partner or close relatives, find psychological support. It is good to be brave and solve all issues on your own, but it’s no shame to ask for help when you need it. This is behavior of a grown-up person. Don’t forget to be thankful, this a positive feeling.

Narrowing the perception area, we thereby focus on specific steps to overcome lack of money, and not on negative emotions.If emotions still get out of hand, you need to try to switch your attention by any means: sports, walking, sex. Anything will work well!

Under no circumstances should you transfer financial problems into the sphere of personal relations. After all, they are often caused by circumstances in which the spouse is not to blame. What we in captivity of emotions do not always understand this! It is too easy to become toxic when you question your business goes wrong.

In any case, sobriety and an adequate approach will help solve financial problems and overcome lack of money without compromising relationships!

It is always possible to overcome short-term financial difficulties with the help of a loan. Lending companies, banks and pawn shops, and even private lenders would provide quick financial aid. Different terms and conditions allow choosing the best suited option. Banks provide loans on most favorable conditions, but the chance of being denied is much higher than from lending companies. In the worst case scenario, turn to the pawn shop. They ask for collateral and have the highest interest rate. The optimal choice might be provided by online lending companies. There are many advantages of using their services, from preparation of the minimal set of documents and quick processing of the application, to comfortable online operation and fair interest rates.

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